The Stroker McGurk "Surf Rod" Model Kit

$24.95 / Sold Out

Who says you can't time travel?

Thanks to the fine folks at Round 2, the popular 1960's-era Stroker McGurk "Surf Rod" plastic model kit has been reissued.

It's a hilarious "action" kit featuring Stroker riding a surfboard powered by a big dragster motor! He's holding the reigns with one hand and shifting into high gear with the other!

The kit is based on the Stroker McGurk cartoon "Hangin' Eight" that appeared in 1964 in Hot Rod Magazine.

The kit features:

• First time available in more than 40 years!
• Molded in white
• Builds to over 8-inches tall
• Figure's torso moves
• Surfboard over 12-inches long
• All-new decal artwork
• Fun reproduction comic strip added to instructions
• A Stroker McGurk sticker

BONUS: The kit also includes a discount coupon for "Stroker-The Artistic Works of Tom Medley," the acclaimed coffee-table book that showcases Medley's seven decades as an artist.