Medley's artistic vision translated to the camera as well.  He was on hand, Rollei at the ready, for countless automotive events, from the Indianapolis 500 to the first Bonneville meet, plus car shows, rod runs. He also photographed covers of Hot Rod and Motor Trend and many "how-to" articles.

INDIANAPOLIS 500 - Medley was on hand for a dozen Indy 500s between 1950-1964, wielding his trusty Rollei in the pits and on the track. His collection of images from Indy's fabled roadster era is extensive.

BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS - Medley was there for meet number one in 1949 and many that followed. Cars, people, scenics, he captured them all. He also shot 16mm film using a high-speed Hollywood camera car.

HOT RODS AND CUSTOMS - He photographed nearly every important custom car and hot rod during 1950s and 1960s. Makes sense. He was friends with George Barris, Ed Roth and Von Dutch and other pioneering car builders of the day.

EARLY YEARS OF GO-KARTING - Medley took an immediate interest in karting (started in Glendale, California, in 1956). He has arguably the most extensive collection of early kart and kart racing images in the world.