Stroker McGurk "Ghost of America" Model Kit


Thanks to the fine folks at Round 2, the popular 1960's-era Stroker McGurk "Ghost of America" plastic model kit has joined the "Surf Rod" plastic model kit as an amazing re-issue. Back to the future, indeed!

It's a whimsical "action" kit featuring Stroker riding racing a wingless WW1 airplane -- on the Bonneville salt flats.

While the kit isn't based on specific Stroker McGurk cartoon, per se, it does relate to Tom Medley's Scowling Luke character, a cartoon strip that ran in only three issues of Hot Rod magazine in 1949. Scowling Luke combined land-based hot rodding with aviation.

The kit features:

• First time available in more than 50 years!
• Molded in white
• Salts Flyer is over 12-inches long
• All-new decal artwork
• A Stroker McGurk "Hot Rodder's Buddy" sticker