Drag Racing T-shirt - Now in Long Sleeve

$29.95 - $32.95

While at Petersen Publishing Tom Medley also was involved in preparing promotional materials to woo potential advertisers. One notable example was a pitch to Coca-Cola. The promo booklet included demographic info on various forms of motorsports covered by HRM.

Medley created the accompanying artwork, including cartoon illustrations and type font for the Coke "pitch." Note the driver holding a bottle of Coke! We felt the Drag Racing design was so arresting it deserved to be memorialized in a T-shirt.

The shirt is available in Black or White and is printed on a high-quality 100 percent cotton tee. Sizes: S-M-L-XL-2XL; price is $29.95 plus shipping. New long-sleeve versions only three bucks more!

This is a must have for any quarter-mile aficionado! Hey, it's the real thing...