NEW - Classic Stroker McGurk "Hoodie" Sweatshirt

$39.95 - $42.95

Warm up for Fall and Winter with the new classic Stroker McGurk "hoodie" Sweatshirt. Offered in gym-class grey, the Stroker Hoodie is made from a plush cotton/poly blend that features a soft pile inner finish. Cozy doesn't begin to describe it. Moreover, traditional "kangaroo" pockets keep your hands as worm as your torso.

And the design? Tom Medley's favorite drawing of Stroker, cruising in his '29 Highboy, finger held high showing the way. The swoopy "Stroker" script was penned by TMed, too.

The Stroker Hoodie is available in M-L-XL-XXL sizes.

With holidays approaching, the Stroker Hoodie would be an ideal gift for any car enthusiast with an appreciation of hot rodding's most famous cartoon character.