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NEW Stroker McGurk "Hot Rodder's Buddy" Tee


Just like Stroker McGurk would have wrenched on '29 highboy until he got it “just right,” StrokerbyMedley has introduced yet another version of the Stroker McGurk — The Hot Rodder’s Buddy — T-shirt. The new edition features a simplified design on the front AND is now available in three colors -- white, dark grey, and light grey.

As Tom Medley himself surely would have said, “bitchin’!”

The design is based on a decal that was included in the three Stroker McGurk plastic model kits sold in the mid-1960s. By the way, both the "Surf Rod" and "Ghost of America kits have re-issued and are available on StrokerbyMedley. And, a Hot Rodder’s Buddy decal is included in each kit.

Available in sizes M-L-XL-XXL